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Why Should Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

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A group of seniors exercising together in a senior living community.

As we age, our body undergoes several changes that can affect our overall health. For example, seniors can be at a higher risk of falling due to muscle weakness, joint stiffness, poor balance, and reduced visual acuity, among other factors.

Balance exercises can help senior citizens maintain an active, healthy, and independent lifestyle by helping improve balance, reduce the risk of falls, increase mobility, and improve overall health.

Whether seniors enjoy the benefits and experiences of a senior living community or live on their own, safely performing balance exercises can help improve health, wellness, and quality of life.

Benefits of Balance Exercises 

There are several benefits of balance exercise that can help seniors maintain an active, healthy, and independent lifestyle, including:

Improved Balance

Balance exercises can help seniors improve their balance by challenging their equilibrium and promoting better body alignment.

Simple exercises like standing on one leg, walking heel to toe, or standing up and sitting down from a chair can help improve core strength, stability, and coordination.

Regularly practicing these exercises can help improve a senior’s balance while performing daily activities like walking, dressing, or cooking.

Reduced Risk of Falls

Falls are a leading cause of injury among seniors. However, practicing balance exercises can significantly reduce the risk of falls. In fact, balance exercises can reduce the risk of falls by 24% by helping improve muscle strength, coordination, and overall stability. 

Increased Mobility

As we age, our joints can become stiffer and less flexible, making daily tasks harder. Balance exercises can help increase joint flexibility, range of motion, and mobility to help seniors perform daily activities.

Improved Overall Health

Balance exercises and other physical activities can help seniors improve their overall health by reducing the risk of chronic conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and depression.

Physical activity can also help improve a person’s immune system, lower blood pressure, and prevent cognitive decline. Improved overall health can help seniors stay active, independent, and engaged with their community.

A senior man doing a single leg balance exercise outside in a park.

Balance Exercises for Seniors

A safe, daily balance exercise routine can help reduce fall risks by improving balance, coordination, and stability. Let’s explore five easy-to-follow balance exercises seniors can do daily, with proper precautions and safety considerations.

It’s important to remember to always perform the exercises safely and take proper precautions for health conditions that may create additional challenges.

Single Leg Balance

Stand straight, holding on to a sturdy chair for balance, and lift one leg off the floor. Hold this position as long as possible while maintaining your balance, then switch to the other leg, repeat ten times for each leg, and gradually increase the duration as you feel more confident.

Tightrope Walk

Imagine you’re walking along a tightrope, heel to toe. Try walking a straight line forward, backward, and in a zigzag pattern without losing your balance. If you need support, hold on to a wall or a railing.

Flamingo Stand

Stand behind a chair and hold on to it with one hand for support. Lift one foot and place it behind your knee, then hold this position for as long as possible. Switch to the other leg and repeat.


Stand straight, feet hip-distance apart, and hold on to a chair for support. Take a large step forward with one foot and bend both knees, lowering your body toward the ground. Hold for a few seconds, then stand back up. Repeat ten times for each leg.

Tree Pose

Begin in a standing position with your feet placed hip-distance apart. Shift your weight onto your left foot and lift your right foot off the ground. Place the sole of your right foot on the inside of your left thigh. Keep your hands at your heart center, and hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides and repeat. For additional support, hold on to a chair placed in front of you.

Life at Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley

When it comes to engaging in balance exercises, seniors should not overlook the benefits. Physical activity can help reduce the risks of dangerous falls and other accidents.

Balance exercises and other activities can help promote health in seniors who want to maintain an active lifestyle. Here at Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley, we are passionate about caring for our residents and providing exceptional experiences so they can maintain their health—and relax when they want to.

With a welcoming environment and a range of amenities to support well-being, we’re here to support you and your family. Schedule your visit to Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley to learn more!

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