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What Is Personal Care?

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Throughout life, particularly as older adults, we must continue to be diligent about our personal care and bodily needs. Personal care may include things like bathing, exercising, eating healthy, and spending time with loved ones. 

As we age, it may become more challenging to complete all the daily tasks that go into taking care of ourselves; fortunately, senior living communities can be an excellent solution.  

Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley offers older adults a vibrant community with access to many necessary services. Please get in touch with our friendly staff to book a visit and learn about the many benefits we have to offer. 

What Are Some Personal Care Tasks?

Personal care typically comes in the form of routine or daily tasks that are intended to help keep you happy and healthy. The functions in your daily routine may vary from one another, but here are some of the everyday items that might be on your list:

  • Bathing and showering
  • Oral hygiene, like brushing and flossing your teeth 
  • Skincare and applying lotions or creams 
  • Taking medications 
  • Exercising 
  • Eating and drinking 
  • Washing your clothes 

Determining what personal care items should be completed is a personal choice, and one that can be helped decided from a conversation with your health care providers. Many senior living communities, like Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley, specialize in helping older adults get the support they need to lead healthy lives. 

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Lifestyle Options

The decision to join a senior living community can be challenging and will likely entail an adjustment period. Still, it can be an excellent opportunity for older adults to make new friends, pursue new hobbies, and enjoy life without chores! Here are a few of the lifestyle options Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley offers:

Personal Care 

Personal care lifestyle options are focused on meeting your needs and assisting with everyday tasks that may be challenging. Here are some of the services that we can provide for the personal care lifestyle option:

  • 3 chef-prepared meals daily 
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen cleaning 
  • Daily resident checks 
  • 24/7 availability from staff
  • Access to different activities and games
  • Complimentary WiFi in the common areas 
  • Access to visiting physicians 

Everyone’s needs are different, and our staff is happy to adjust based on the care you or your loved one needs. 

Independent Living 

Independent living can be a great option for older adults that value their freedom but want a lifestyle without the worry of mundane tasks. Instead, they can pursue passions and new hobbies with friends and loved ones. 

Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley provides members access to all the luxurious amenities and services that come with joining our community. 

Memory Care 

If your loved one is experiencing cognitive issues, like Alzheimer’s and dementia, they may benefit from joining our memory care community. Our Moments Matter approach enables members to engage in holistic therapies and caregiving strategies to help them lead happy and fulfilling lives. 

Respite Care

Respite care is a short-term service that provides older adults with the help they need for a predetermined period. It also enables them to experience our services and learn more about the benefits of joining a senior living community. 

Signs It Might Be Time For Senior Living 

Here are some signs that it might be time to consider a senior living community: 

Recent Accident or Fall

Consider a senior living community if your loved one has recently been in an accident or fallen. With a community like Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley, members will have access to staff 24/7, helping you to feel confident that support is around if something happens again. 

Slow Recovery from a Health Issue

As we age, our bodies often find recovering from illness or injury more challenging, making navigating daily tasks and chores more difficult. A senior living community can help remove this stress by providing services that care for your loved one’s daily needs. 

Loss of a Significant Other

If your loved one has lost their partner or significant other, they’re likely dealing with many heavy emotions, making it difficult to care for themselves properly. Joining a community enables them to be around friendly staff and other members that can provide support and frequently check in on their wellbeing.

Chronic Health Issue

Older adults with chronic health issues like arthritis, pulmonary disease, and other degenerative diseases may need constant monitoring and support in managing day-to-day activities. A senior living community can provide the care that your loved one needs. 

Significant Weight Loss

If your loved one has been experiencing severe weight loss, it may indicate they cannot care for themselves without assistance. 

Book a Visit Today

If your loved one needs assistance with their personal care, consider booking a visit at Crescent Fields at Huntingdon Valley and seeing the incredible amenities and services our community offers.

Written by Crescent Fields

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