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Is Parkinson’s an Auto-Immune Disease?

A man holds a glass of water with a trembling hand. The concept of parkinson's disease and tremor.

The answer to this question is more complicated than you might think. Some experts believe Parkinson’s is an auto-immune disease, while others disagree.  Living with Parkinson’s can be difficult for many individuals and their families. But understanding the underlying cause of this disease can help you make informed decisions about care and lifestyle.  In this […]

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4 Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

A senior woman is sitting on a chair with her arms in a meditating position doing yoga on a chair at home.

Seniors with limited mobility can enjoy a range of activities to help keep their minds sharp, bodies healthy, and spirits high. Even if mobility is restricted by illness, arthritis, or dementia, seniors can have fulfilling social lives and hobbies to enrich their days. Through scheduled activities in memory care, respite care, or unstructured gatherings, seniors […]

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What Causes Caregiver Burnout?

Caring for Caregivers A caregiver is anyone who provides care or help to another. It’s a broad term that can include family members or professionals. In elderly care, a caregiver generally helps with activities of daily living (ADL). Some professional caregivers may also offer medical-related services. Caring is a full-time commitment and can sometimes cause […]

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